I’m glad you stopped by…

Welcome! Let me just begin by reassuring you that this is a safe space. Although this is a  Christian-influenced blog, it aims to be a welcoming, interactive virtual  space.

Please look forward to posts that cover a variety of topics including:




Humanitarian service


My background…

My name is Lucy Yeboah, but my family calls me Maame Pokuaa. My phenomenal immigrant parents traveled thousands of miles to raise four fabulous daughters in a land a “milk and honey”, so they thought…

My sisters and I were raised in Newark, New Jersey  (USA) and living in this urban community shaped my perception of reality,  I would say quite positively.  However, it is crucial that I emphasize  where this positivity derives from. Yes, many urban communities in the United States (and all over the world) have poverty-ridden areas, are crime-filled,  and suffer from a lack of access to quality education. Despite such factors, I-like many young people living in urban communities-was able to thrive and continue to do so!

“So how did you do it Lucy?”

      I said…


And that is exactly what He did!

Now, that  hints at my growing faith in Christ, and you are more than welcome to learning about my journey with Him, alongside  the terrific testimonies I have to share. Let’s just say that I am not your “typical” Christian woman.

Wait,  what is a “typical” Christian anyway?  Why are there so many stereotypes  surrounding particular faiths and those who are spiritual or religious?

Particularly as women, why are we criticized we want to be fabulous yet still glorify God?  


If you couldn’t tell by the last name, I am Ghanaian-American.  I was born in Kumasi, Ghana but raised in the states. That  brings us right into what prompted me to start this blog in the first place:

Returning to Ghana after  17 years…

Check out my first blog post  to learn all about my experience! I hope it is just as eye-opening for you, as it was for me.


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